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Email Archive Migrations

IT2U supports the migration of email and related data from all market leading archiving products and can migrate data regardless of the data platform or archive storage repository.

We offer high-performance software applications that quickly and securely migrate and consolidate e-mail and other related records from one environment to another.

Our bespoke and third-party Windows-based applications enable legacy email archive contents to be directly migrated to alternative archive and messaging platforms – safe in the knowledge that the integrity and accessibility of your data will not be compromised. You will also avoid the enormous expense, timescales and data loss risks associated with a manual migration.

We provide:
  • Enterprise Vault, Smarsh, Barracuda and Commvault migrations
  • Migrate EMC SourceOne to Office 365
  • Centera to NAS migrations
  • Migration compliance and auditing
  • Migration of 'End of life products'

IT2U use the fastest, most efficient methods to migrate the contents of any Email archives, directly into Exchange / Office 365.
Featuring fast initial set-up, migration speeds in excess of 3TB/day, we can also move or migrate archived content from EMC Centera, Data Domain or Isilon storage, with full confidence that your email records remain fully intact and discoverable.

Email Archive Migration questions
Most organizations moving to a new archiving or Email environment have similar questions such as:

How long will a migration take?

How much data do I actually have in my archive and what kind of data is it?

How much “legacy” do I have (such as archived messages leavers)?

Do I need to migrate the entire archive or for a specific period?

What happens to messages that have been shortcut?

I have ongoing or pending litigation; can I still migrate my mail?

Will I be able to account for 100% of my archived mail?

Will migrating my archive delay my Exchange implementation project?

IT2U consultancy services will help answer the above questions along with drawing up a plan to ensure a smooth and seamless migration. Contact us today for more information.

Storage Migrations

NAS, CAS or SAN migrations require careful planning around the needs of your organization.
There are many ways to migrate data, each with its own pros and cons. Often it will include use of migration utilities that can run on the host, storage or network layer; and data can be moved in two basic ways, by copying or by mirroring.

Our qualified consultants will help you painlessly migrate your data to a new storage platform, by selecting the correct migration method and with thorough planning and analysis we will ensure that that end result is right for your business.

IT2U can help you to minimize the risk, duration, disruption and cost of data migrations.

CAS to NAS Migrations

IT2U can support you in migrating files and applications, we provide migration services between CAS and NAS devices which include:
  • From your present Centera system to a later generation of Centera
  • From Centera to NAS storage
  • Centera to Data Domain migrations

Many applications support writing to Centera via its API. Over time a decision may be made to replace the existing Centera storage infrastructure with a lower cost alternative archival storage system, this is where IT2U can help.

We specialize in Email and File Archive migrations, especially where the archive data resides on CAS and Worm devices. We can migrate TBs of data a day to a platform layer of your choice. For regulatory purposes we make sure that a complete audit trail is kept intact throughout the migration process.

SAN to SAN Migrations

IT2U offer SAN migration services to organizations who want to consolidate two SAN environments or move from one vendor environment to another,

Our qualified consultants will plan the migration, migrate the data and verify the migration, typically we will:
  • Assess the source SAN
  • Develop a migration plan
  • Migrate and verify the data
  • Validate functionality.
  • Full testing and handover

This service is ideal for small to midsize migrations with tight deadlines and/or limited internal resources. Depending on budget and operating requirements, the migration can be managed onsite or remotely.

NAS to NAS Migrations

IT2U can help drastically reduce the risk and more efficiently manage your entire migration process.
Our migration services address process, technology, meet business requirements and eliminate business disruption.

File system migrations are notoriously complex and labour intensive projects made even worse by the scaling of modern NAS systems. Switching storage vendors adds another level of complexity due to the operational and configuration differences of retention and multi-protocol support.

Our experienced consultants provide NAS to NAS data migrations, we cater for file migrations across similar or dissimilar NAS platforms, and this includes cloning any retention policies applied to source data.

IT2U can help by reducing time, cost and resources required for major NAS migration projects.

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